We are a community of approximately 80+ beautifully designed and well landscaped homes in Cedar Hill, Texas.

Our neighborhood is located in an area that is well known for excellent schools, fine dining, shopping, growing businesses, recreational opportunities and friendly people.

The purpose of this website is to ensure that residents of the Creeks at Windmill Hill are well informed and remain connected with our community. Information distributed through this website shall in part fulfill the charter of the Homeowners’ Association; which requires that the community be informed. Besides information on the events happening in and around our community. The site will also provide ready access to the Association Board Members and residents of our wonderful community, in additon to other useful internet resources.

For your convenience; this website contains information about upcoming neighborhood events, the Creeks at Windmill Hill newsletters, bylaws, Covenants, reminders, notices,service request forms, other current informations, and information regarding upcoming issues that could affect the community.

Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you find it enjoyable as well as useful.

To Our New Neighbors

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! We are so happy you have decided to make the Creeks at Windmill Hill, your home. You have made an excellent choice by purchasing a home in our wonderful community!


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