HOA Dues

Homeowners’ Association dues are collected annually from each household in the community.  They must be paid on time in order for the neighborhood to be kept beautiful and safe.  This money pays for maintenance, repair, and labor of all common areas, shared utilities, insurances for our community, etc.  Each homeowner is notified yearly of dues notices (amount, due date, late fees, etc.).  Because of the hard work put in by the Board of Directors, the annual dues have been consistent from previous years.  Currently the HOA annual dues are $300.00 per household.

You will be able to make payments online through the web portal using your personal account information, or at www.goddardtx.com. You can make payments by e-check (which is free) or credit card. You will also be able to set up automatic payments. If you do not have online access and need to mail a check or money order, you can mail payments directly to the Association’s lockbox at the address below:

Goddard Mgmt LLC Processing Center
P.O. Box 94733
Las Vegas, NV 89193-4733

Make your check payable to “Creeks HOA”. Ensure that your name and address are on the check.

Goddard Management, LLC will now be collecting HOA dues, late fees, fines, etc.